Care and Materials


At PITI CUITI we work so that our garments, bags, accessories and footwear will be with you for a long time. Here are some tips on how to take care of your boho chic collection:

SILK: Silk is considered one of the most valuable fabrics. Although the ideal is to wash it dry, it can also be washed in cold water, with a specific soap for this type of fabric and without rubbing or twisting. To dry it, the excess water is removed by wrapping it in a towel and then hanging it out to dry in the open air.

COTTON: Cotton is characterized by the softness of the fiber, its durability, resistance, and that there are garments made with this material, such as our boho bags, which can absorb the humidity of our body and regulate its temperature. We recommend washing the garments in cold water and using gentle (delicate) wash cycles when the garments are not heavily soiled. It is preferable not to use the tumble dryer, since if it is used at a low temperature it may cause shrinkage of the garment.

LEATHER/Leather: Leather is a natural material that, if not properly cared for, will eventually dry out and run the risk of cracking and discoloration. If we want to keep it supple and soft, we must clean and moisturize it. To clean it we will use a damp cloth and let it air dry. Never use soap, but only specific products for the skin. To moisturize it, it should also be done with a special cream.
All our leather products are handmade with the highest quality raw material, dyed using traditional methods. Therefore, any irregularity or difference in appearance is considered an intrinsic characteristic of the product.

Jute: J ute is a natural fiber from a subtropical plant and is sometimes mixed with other materials to make fabrics of different characteristics, such as wool or raffia. It is a very breathable material that will suffer little deformation over time.
Aggressive chemicals should not be used. In case of superficial stains, the best option is to use water with very concentrated salt. If it is a persistent stain, you can use specific dry-cleaning powders or neutral detergent in small quantities with water.
Drying is very important, it is recommended to hang the article outdoors on sunny days with a little air. It will pass through the fibers of the fabric and keep moisture out.


To preserve the original quality, avoid exposing the product to extreme heat or humidity; rain, rubbing and direct sunlight may cause discoloration or stains on the surface of the leather. Also avoid contact with corrosive substances such as oils or alcohol.
When not in use, we recommend that you store your leather products in the Piti Cuiti protective fabric bag that you receive with your product at the time of purchase. In addition, so that the bags are not deformed, we advise you to stuff them with paper (not magazines or newspapers, which could stain).
In the case of leather bags, it is advisable to avoid skin contact with delicate and light-colored garments, as these may fade.


We want to make you happy, that is our main goal, and if your bag or garment does not have the desired quality, we want to give you the best solution.

If you have any problem with the quality of your product, just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you and give you a solution. The fastest way to contact us is by email at or our WhatsApp +34651888724.

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